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Commercial Locksmith Miami

Miami Commercial Locksmith

Payless Locksmith is a locksmith company that provides a wide-range of security services for any and all of your commercial locksmith needs.  We offer all sorts of commercial locksmith service needs for both small and large businesses.   Although there are many components of commercial locksmiths and a vast array of hardware, the following is a brief synopsis of a few of the locksmith apparatus that our expert professionals install.

Panic Bar Device

Panic bar devices are generally installed on exit doors in order to allow for a quick exit of a building.  Panic bar devices/hardware are usually installed on doors which open to the outside.  Manufactures of this panic bar devices offer them in a wide variety of styles.  Many of these panic bars are equipped with alarms.  Since these doors are often times used for emergency situations, the alarms prevent the general public from using these exit doors instead of the appropriate exit door.  Panic bar devices can be constructed horizontally or vertically, however they all function alike and have the same purpose.

Door Closer

A door closer closes a door after it’s opened.  This can come in handy in your business.  Choosing the right door closer involves a great deal of consideration.  This is where we can come in handy.  Our locksmith technicians have the experience to recommend the right of type of closer that you may need.  You need to make sure that your business has the right type of door closer to properly handle dire situations, resistance to opening, as well as safety and durability.   There are different types of door closers that you can install on exterior and interior doors.  They can also be concealed in the frame, concealed in the floor or surface mounted. 

Electric Strike

Electric strikes are also known as door strike or door releases.  These are locking devices that are in places where access control is necessary.  This type of device is very common in commercial places.  Electric strikes come in two basic designs: fail-secure and fail-safe.  A fail-secure electric strike would still remain locked if there is a power failure but can be opened from the inside if necessary.  Fail-safe operates similarly to a magnetic lock.  It applies electric currents therefore if there is a power failure, the door would open by being pushed or pulled.

Buzzer System

Commercial door buzzer systems are our specialty.  We help make the process easy and affordable.  Front door buzzer systems are installed for complete security.  They are commonly used in the commercial industry where remote door opening is critical for security.