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Residential Locksmith Miami

Residential Locksmith service

Locked Out?

Day to day we go about our business and never think about the possibility of locking our keys inside our house or worse yet, losing our keys.  Imagine coming home from work after a long day at the office and realizing that when you left in the morning you accidentally left your house key inside.  Or worse yet, you step out of your house for a second to throw out the trash or get the morning paper and door slams shut locking you out.  Payless Locksmith can appreciate your situation and will have an available technician to your home in no time.  Whether you’re just locked out or you lost your keys, our locksmiths can help!

Door Lock Repairs

If you broke your house or apartment lock or it just isn’t functioning properly, that doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to change it.  Call one of our technicians to come on over and check it out.  If it can be repaired, they’ll repair it.  If it’s beyond repair, then they’ll provide you with a multitude of options to replace the lock.  The technician will even recommend the best type of locks for your door and security requirements.  In their van they carry brand names like Kwikset, Avery, and Schlage as well as many more.

Door Lock Rekey

Say you had a roommate and you decided to ask them to leave.  You don’t need to change your lock.  You can contact our locksmith to rekey your lock.  That means that the locksmith will change the combination inside your current lock so that the old keys won’t work.  Therefore, even if you don’t get the keys back from your roommate, they won’t be able to get it.  This process is many times less expensive than changing the entire lock.  Need to rekey your lock, just call us and we’ll get it done the same day.

High Security Locks

If you would like to get a higher secure type of lock, then you should consider high security locks.  These locks are so secure that you would not be able to have them picked.  The only way to get into a door that has a high security lock is to drill it physically off of the door.  Definitely not something a burglar wants to deal with.  In addition, the keys to high security locks are not able to be duplicated just anywhere by just anybody.  Therefore, even if someone happens to get hold of your keys they will not be able to duplicate them.  You will be the only person who can duplicate your key with a special code that comes with the lock or a special card.  Talk to our locksmiths today to get additional information about high security locks, sliding glass lock & replace mailbox key.  Ask about our specials on Medeco locks.